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A significant measure of the quality performance of an organization is customer satisfaction.  The following testimonials are feedback that LQC has receive from its satisfied customer. 

Levy Quality Consulting's expertise has helped us implement and maintain our dynamic quality system. Additionally, the company has guided Argo in continually reviewing our key processes which has resulted in significant annual bottom line savings.

Joe Adamo


Argo International

Our manufacturing processes have continued to improve from Levy's guidance.  As we've continued to grow, LQC has helped us stay focused on our batch processes to maintain a consistent, extremely high level of product quality which has resulted in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Bobby Gropper

My Brother Bobby's Salsa, LLC

Clay Hodges, Director (Board of Directors), ASQ

“David is a wonderful quality colleague, a great person, and a consummate quality professional. In my work with David, we worked to do the right thing, to ask the right questions and to resolve issues appropriately. We have faced some difficult issues and I counted on David’s professional demeanor and personal involvement. I am happy to recommend David for any project in which he is involved and I look forward to working with David again.” March 11, 2009

Craig Cochran,
Project Manager, Georgia Tech

“David is a top notch quality professional with loads of practical experience. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for assistance in improvement techniques, management system implementation, or general QA assistance. David was instrumental in editing my last book on ISO 9001. I was very impressed by his depth of knowledge and intimate grasp of the subject matter. --Craig Cochran” March 12, 2008

Emil Muccin
Senior Principal Engineer, BAE Systems

"David and I worked together on several projects for various clients in the transportation sector. This included a Gap analysis and presentation to an aerospace corporation. David has a wealth of experience and his quality knowledge base (BoK) is one of the best. I wholly endorse and recommend David as a consultant, auditor, engineer and manager.” August 12, 2008

Raja Hitti
Consultant, Siemens Transportation

"I had the pleasure to work with David for a number of years, and found him extremely knowledgeable in all professional venues, personally amiable, resourceful, handled clients and suppliers alike impeccably, exerted charisma especially when needed in professional circles, sensible and business tough yet fair and never loosing sight of set objectives, and is able to accomplish all of that with a delightful sense of humor. I thereby highly recommend him for any Professional requirement, and would personally look forward to having the pleasure of working with him once again.” August 13, 2008

Mike Nichols
President 2007-2008, American Society for Quality

"I have worked with David for several years as a member leader for the American Society for Quality. He is bright, concientous and very dedicated. He attempts to understands issues from both a detail and a managerial level. I recommend David as a quality professional for your company.” August 31, 2008




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