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Internal Quality Audits

Do you lack the qualified personnel to complete effective internal quality audits?

A key element of any Quality Management System is the process of conducting Internal Quality Audits.  Many organizations find that getting their internal audits completed on time is impossible.  Even when the physical audit is conducted on schedule, the reports tend to be delayed or completely forgotten.  Often auditors complaint that they just don't have the time for this 'extra' responsibilities and it detracts from their 'more important' regular daily activities.  

If your organization is falling into these auditing pitfalls, then Levy Quality Consulting is prepared to improve your Internal Quality Auditing process.  We will team with your organization for all your internal auditing needs.  We supply qualified Lead Auditors, you schedule the dates.  Audits, reports and any required follow-up will be conducted according to your documented schedule, guaranteed!

Supplier Quality Audits

Do find that your Supplier Audits are delinquent, incomplete, inadequate, behind schedule or non-existent?  Do you lack the time or qualified personnel to conduct supplier audits?

If so, then LQC has your solution.  Our qualified consultants will conduct professional supplier audits based on your requirements and established schedule.

Key Benefits

bulletAudit Schedules never slip again
bulletReports and associated Corrective or Preventive Action Requests are generated on site so there is no lag between physical audit and reporting
bulletYour Internal Auditors are trained by qualified professionals as part of the audit team
bulletCAR/PAR follow-up and closure is conducted based upon your schedule with no delays due to auditor unavailability

Contact us for more information on how we can improve your Internal and Supplier Quality Audit Systems.


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