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Quality Management System (QMS) Implementation
Levy Quality Consulting specializes in the implementation and maintenance of quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

With the recent release of ISO 9001:2008, many organizations must enhance their existing quality management systems to the requirements of the revised standard.  Others are now pursuing ISO 9001 registration for the first time.  In either case, LQC will guide you through the implementation process or assist you in updating and maintaining your existing system.

Quality Auditing

Do you find that your Internal Quality Audits are never completed on time?


Are your Audit reports rarely accurate, complete or timely?


Do your auditors always complain that they never have time to conduct their audits?


Are your Supplier Audits delinquent, incomplete, behind schedule or non-existent?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Levy Quality Consulting has your solution.
LQC can provide your Quality Auditing needs by leading your existing team or actually functioning as your auditors for both internal and supplier audits.  We can help to professionally develop your audit team while maintaining your audit schedule.
Development of your organization's most valuable asset, its employees, is at the root of continual quality improvement.  To assist your organization, LQC will provide you with professional training in a host of quality tools, techniques and principles.
Continual Improvement
Continual Improvement is defined as a recurring activity to increase the ability to fulfill requirements.  LQC can guide your organization through such activities resulting in incremental or break-through process improvements that produce bottom-line savings.
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction is the single most critical metric of quality improvement an organization can measure.  Dissatisfied customers result in lost income, lost business.  In order to gage your organization's performance, a solid measure of your customer's perception of your performance is critical.  LQC can provide you with the methods, tools, techniques and service to measure and analyze your customers' satisfaction.
Problem Solving
There are a variety of tools and techniques available today for dynamic problem solving.  Identifying the root cause of the problem then developing and implementing the best solution or solutions to eliminate the problem is at the heart of Continual Improvement.  LQC can guide your team toward resolution of chronic problems.
Statistical Analysis
Statistical measurement of processes is a critical continual improvement and problem solving.  LQC can guide your introduction and implementation of a multitude of statistical measurement tools and techniques.



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